Bitcoin Hack of 2.3 billion USD on the move – Is the dump coming?

Scammer moves Bitcoin coins stacked. Bitcoin Scam?

Time and again, crypto exchanges become victims of hackers and lose millions in Crypto Code app and other crypto currencies. So does the Bitfinex stock exchange, which in 2016 lost approximately 119,756 BTC in a hacker attack.

Bitcoin the Bitfinex hacker on the move

For a long time, the stolen Bitcoins were not moved. But since the Bitcoin price yesterday broke through the $19,000 mark again, some movements have been detected by Whale Alert.

In total, 5045.8 BTC were transferred to other wallets yesterday. The hacker did not send the Bitcoins in one go, but in 14 transactions.

The current value of yesterday’s transactions is approximately $100 million. The smallest Bitcoin transaction was 261.24 BTC, while the largest was 469.89.

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In total the booty is worth 2.3 billion USD

As recently as August, Bitfinex offered a $400 million reward for the stolen BTC. But the hackers apparently did not get involved in the deal.

Interestingly, the stolen Bitcoin was worth the equivalent of $72 million in 2016 when the hack happened at Bitfinex.

Due to the parabolic rise of the Bitcoin price, the stolen sum has experienced an enormous increase in value. Meanwhile, the loot is worth approximately 2.3 billion USD. No wonder why Bitfinex has chosen such a high reward.

The hack of Bitfinex goes completely surely into the history of Bitcoin. Together with the Mt. Gox and CoinCheck stock exchanges it is the largest amount of stolen BTC.

No Bitcoin price dump to be expected

There were successful hacker attacks in the last years again and again but never again so many Bitcoin were stolen from a crypto stock exchange. A possible reason for this are the preventive measures of the different offerers.

At the beginning of November, CipherTrace published that crypto-criminality was declining in 2020. Nevertheless, thefts in cryptospace have exceeded the 17 billion USD mark since 2011. However, most of this is not due to hacks from stock exchanges, but to snowball systems such as OneCoin or PlusToken.

The Bitcoins from the Bitfinex Hack are known by all major exchanges and cannot be paid out easily. Therefore a strong sale is currently not to be expected. Nevertheless, these BTCs will also find their way into the market at some point.